How to Bring a Little Joy in Everything You Build.

[stag_intro]You could have the slickest new toy, with the biggest screen, the fastest software, and beautiful user experience…and it wouldn’t matter unless you make your product memorable. [/stag_intro]

[stag_dropcap font_size=”50px” style=”normal”]M[/stag_dropcap]emorable. Not just because it is the greatest thing since sliced bread or because it saves you hours every day or because it just freakin’ works, but memorable because it brings you joy every time you experience it.This is not about user experience in it’s traditional sense. This is about maximizing user happiness.

The smallest things can make the difference. The Kindle had me at hello.Not because it has that beautiful paper-white display or that it is light as a feather; but because it greeted me within the first few seconds of my experience with a simple: “Hello Dev. Welcome to your Kindle”. Falling in love after was easy.

Too many companies build for the masses. Instead, build to optimize happiness for “one”. Just one user at a time.

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